Creative Challenge: Biblical Heroes

Posted: April 22, 2012 in books, church art ministry resources

From my upcoming devotional, A Year in Creativity: 
52 Creative Challenges Based on the Word of God

While Jesus is the main hero of the Bible, there are many other heroic figures in the pages of Scripture. While none of them is perfect, except Jesus, they exemplify traits many of us would do well to emulate. The faith of Daniel, the leadership of Moses, the courage of Mary and on and on and on. One of my favorite biblical heroes is Joseph son of Jacob. The way he overcame every trial because he refused to give in to his circumstances and held on to God is inspirational to me every time I think about it.

Who is your biblical hero? Why does his/her story resonate with you? Create something that reminds you of this hero and what attributes did they possess that you want to exemplify in your life.

  1. Sam Mylin says:

    Ehud the left-handed man is my favorite biblical character besides Jesus! “And the dirt came out!”

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