As I get to do more presentations, I start to worry am I repeating myself? Am I sharing my stories too often? Will some of the things I do become stale and boring?

Are those the right questions? I started to think about some of the things God has given me over the years and how He constantly uses them to speak to someone and/or touch someone’s heart. Maybe I should just be praying, asking God what He wants me to say and trusting Him to lead me, repetition or not.

It’s like going to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. There are a lot of songs they could play but there is one song they must play. FREEBIRD! You will never go to one of their shows and hear a true fan say “Not Freebird again! Noooo!”

People don’t mind hearing things they love more than once. I don’t know what my Freebird is. I may not have been doing this long enough to have one yet but I have a few that might be close. I’m doing one of them tonight and welcome your prayers. I love it, I know it came from God and it always blesses someone. I can’t wait to present it tonight.

When I preach around this time of year at my church, the fear of repetition creeps in again, but it shouldn’t. The message of this time of the year is the Church’s Freebird. I’m of the opinion that it should come up to some degree every time a preacher steps into a pulpit. It’s the song of hope we sing to the world and it should be sung every chance we get.

I’m not sure what my Freebird is, but Church, this is our Freebird.

Sing it every chance you get.

  1. Keith Hollenberg says:

    I love the analogy, brother. Awesome message!

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