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If I get to heaven and find out stories like the garden of Eden and Noah’s ark were allegories and not historical fact, I won’t be disappointed.

But Jesus speaks of them as if they were fact.

If I get to heaven and find out it took God more than six days to make the universe, I won’t be asking for a refund.

But Jesus seems to have thought it happened this way and He was there.

If I get to heaven and find out I misinterpretted a passage on sin, or deprived myself of something I didn’t have to because I wanted to obey God, I won’t feel deprived. I also won’t be too upset if I lovingly tried to get someone else to repent because of what I believed Jesus or the law to say, even if I was wrong.

After all Jesus never sinned against God.

If I get to heaven and find out I loved someone I didn’t have to, I don’t think I’ll regret it.

Because Jesus told me to love my friends, family, brothers and sisters in Christ, neighbors and even my enemies and Jesus loves at least one person He doesn’t have to… me.

If I get to heaven and find out Jesus wasn’t the only way to get there, well that will surprise me, (because the Bible says very clearly that He is) but I won’t be too worried because my hope is that I didn’t condemn anyone and I will have lovingly tried to get people to enter through the only way I know.

If I get to heaven and find out I didn’t have everything right here on earth, I won’t even be surprised because I am, well… me.

I try to follow the Bible because I believe it’s God’s Word. I follow the Bible because it
points the way to Jesus and I follow the Bible because it’s author followed it unfailingly.

If I get to heaven, it will be because of Jesus.

If I’m wrong about any of these things, then I am, but until I get to heaven, I’ll take the WORD at HIS word.

In the Beginning was the WORD and the Word was with God and the Word was God… John 1:1