I did this painting for a recent art show. I know it just looks like a collection of kooky creatures, but believe it or not it comes from the scriptures. One of my life’s guiding verses is 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, He is a New Creation, the old has gone and the new has come.” It’s a verse that speaks to the idea that Jesus can and will transform you life, it’s something I really resonate with and something I have experienced firsthand. Jesus Christ has radically transformed my life and I am a new creation. I love this verse so much that it’s what I named the church we planted.

Well one day one of my closest friends and my mentor in ministry asked me to preach in his church. His church uses the King James Bible and he asked if I would preach from it as well, a request I was happy to honor, but it left me in a strange place and gave a wonderful creative opportunity. The strange place was caused by the fact that the KJV uses a different word. It doesn’t say New Creation. Instead it says New Creature. In meaning, it’s a subtle difference. I have no problem with saying I am a New Creature, because I am vastly different from what I used to be. On the other hand, I was pretty glad I didn’t know what the King James said when I started my church. I’m not sure what people would think of attending New Creature Fellowship.

The other side of it though was a great opportunity. You see I’ve been creating creatures as long as I can remember. At one point I even worked for a licensee of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I saw the phrase “New Creature.” My mind was opened to a new way of telling the story. This painting allows me to tell the story of why I painted it, but it also allows me to tell how Jesus made me a new creature. I love it when I get to tell that story.

So here’s the question for you… Are you a new creature in Christ? And if so, how has He transformed your life? How has knowing Him changed you? If you can’t say that Jesus has changed your life, I know this, He wants to. He wants to take the best of you and change the rest of you, you know the stuff that hurts and breaks you. He loves you.

Lastly for my artist friends, try this, create a new creature that shows how Jesus has transformed you and use it to share your story.

  1. Kent says:

    Amen, brother. We as Christians need to “be different” than the world even while we’re living in it. “New Creatures” church sounds good to me!!

  2. What fun! Thanks, Dave!

  3. Kathryn Read says:

    Have you written a children’s book? These creatures would be perfect for one!

  4. This is really fun and cute! I agree about doing something with this for children. We need fun alternatives to all the grotesque looking creatures they give and sell to children now days. Do pray about what God would have you do with this.

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