Helping others helps you…

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I love when I get comments on this blog, (hint, hint). I especially love to hear that a post spoke into someone’s life and gave them something they needed for the day. I was replying to one of these posts yesterday when I had a revelation of sorts. Helping others helps me.

You see I wish I could say that these helpful posts are moments of brilliance from me. That’s not the case, my moments of brilliance cannot help but be disappointing. While I have devoted a lot of my life toward creative arts ministry and while I love to share with all of you, the truth of the matter is, the best stuff, the stuff that helps others the most, doesn’t come out of my expertise, it comes out of my brokenness. It comes when I am struggling with something and really seeking the Lord. All I do is try to share what the Lord has given me. Helping others helps me, because God helps me when I need help and come to Him.

If you have been helped by anything on this blog, it’s God who deserves the glory. If you’ve been helped by a post, please share it. I don’t even need the credit, just use what I’ve been given to help others. Also remember this, If you’re going through a struggle, remember God is always good, and he will help you through, He may even use this struggle to allow you to help someone else.

Helping others helps you.

  1. You are so right that our best ministry comes through our brokenness. When I try to generate something great, I fall so short. But when I look back and see what He’s done at my worst times, I find the ways He’s blessed me through the struggle. Sometimes the struggle is of my own doing, sometimes it isn’t, but either way, I can either keep it to myself or share what I learned. His blessing through the struggle will either be shared..or stopped…according to what I do with it.

    Thanks for all you do, Dave. You’ll never know until eternity how your posts have touched lives.

    Christmas blessings,

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