Creative Challenge: Idolatry?

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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For my devotional reading this morning, I read the first 10 chapters of Jeremiah. (OKay I typoed in the first edition, there are not 100 chapters in Jeremiah) Don’t think me over spiritual, I was playing catchup after a busy week. In those chapters God is instructing Jeremiah what to say to the already captive Israel and the soon to be captive Judah. As you read you can hear the angry and hurting Father mourning over his chosen nation as they fall away from him and into idolatry. My first thoughts went to our own nation but I kept feeling God drawing me back to me. Is there anything in my lifethat is drawing me away from Him? How about you?

I was listening to Craig Groschel yesterday. In his message he brought up a great point. He said what you worry about most is what you value most. What is it you worry about most? Could that be becoming an idol for you? The next point Groschel made was what you worry about most is the area where you trust God the least. This could be another symptom of an idol manifesting itself.

So what’s the challenge. Search your heart and pray, then create something that expresses your idol or something in danger of becoming an idol in your life. Yes I know it may sound ludicrous to create an image of your idol, but I’m not done. The next thing I want you to do is either ruin it or paint the no sign over it and keep it as a reminder for you not to go there.

Idolatry breaks the heart of God. Let’s live to please Him instead. Keep Him first.
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  1. victoria1953 says:

    Awesome teaching! and conviction! God help us all to have the concerns of the Heavenly Father more than our own concerns, starting with me! Thank you Dave

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