Archive for July 28, 2011

From time to time I do a web comic called the Weird World of Weiss. I usually take a look at an issue (okay I vent about an issue) from my point of view. This one is about what I call the new intolerance. I didn’t vent this so people would jump on a bandwagon and say yeah those people sure are intolerant. Nor did I post it to cause problems. I posted it to make people think. We serve a God who died for the people who killed him. We need to learn to love each other. Love is greater by far than tolerance. The scriptural command to speak the truth in love comes down to two components, truth and love. Truth is the Word of God which we must follow, like it or not. Love causes us to show grace and mercy and it allows us to coexist with the people with whom we disagree. Truth without love is mean. Love without truth is a lie. When the two come together, we have real community. God’s Word is truth. If we will let it guide our lives and resolve our disagreements, we will go way beyond tolerance all the way to love.

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