Who Do You Say That I Am? #1

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A friend online asked me a question. Have I ever tried to use art to answer Jesus’ question, “Who Do YOU Say That I Am?” I instantly knew I had to take this on. Needless to say it is too big to do in one image so I decided to start a collection of art. The first answer to this question would have to be to answer as Peter answered the question. He said “you are the Christ…” Some folks act like it’s his last name…you know, Jesus Christ son of Joseph and Mary Christ, but that’s not it at all. Christ is His title. The Hebrew Word for Christ is Messiah. It means the Lord’s Anointed. He is the promised King that will rule forever on the throne of King David. More than that He is the King of my heart and my life goes best when I live my life in obedience to Him. He is the King, He is the Christ. Who do I say He is? To start things off, I say He is Christ my King. Who do YOU say that He is?

Who Do You Say That I Am? #1 Christ

Who Do You Say That I Am? #1 Christ

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