I did this painting for a church planting course but it applies to pretty much any ministry situation not to mention everything we do in this life. There are times in life that feel just blessed and anointed, times when everything is going just right and you’re growing and flourishing. Times like that are awesome and we love them. but then there are those other times, the winter moments, when things are hard and cold or when it seems like everything is dead and dormant. It feels like a tree in the winter.

Well I’m not a botanist but I have heard this and believe it to be true. In the winter when the tree is leafless and looks dead there is still growth occurring. It is said that, during winter, the tree’s roots go deeper, seeking nutrition and sustenance. This actually makes the tree stronger and it is the same way with us. The hard times, he cold times and the dead times can make us stronger if we drive our roots deeper into the source of our strength so when things are tough, dormant or dead allow it to drive your roots deeper into God.

  1. Wow as I go through my own personal winter, how true this has become. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hey Dave
    Just got the post card! I also just finished cathing up on your blog posts (have been crazy busy) and just wanted to say thanks for the encouragment and all your resources (I will be using sometime soon the small group Many parts one Body again) the visual arts ministry is kicking off as it should, I have opend an art gallery in the church and the community is welcome to submit art (grand opening is June 20th) I have a meeting with the local art center today to encourage some of their artist to submit and get involved with the church and I am gathering up all the artists and creative types in the church for a once a month study/fellowship/prayer meeting! God is good and is deff anointing this effort, please pray for Gods provision tho as the funds are short and slow comimg in to buy art suplies for a few evangelistic events we have planned. keep doing what God has laid on your heart to do others are indeed being blessed and encouraged by it!!!!!
    Melissa 🙂

    • amokarts says:

      Thanks so much Melissa I am really blessed to hear how things are going. Please feel free to share how things are going as things move along I think we all are looking to see how things go.

  3. Bruno Goh Luse says:

    It’s times like this when we need to remember people who’s lives seem to be one long winter of hurt, pain, loss and bitterness. I’m particularly thinking of people with depression, who have to live with it as a constant companion their whole lives. For them, there often is no spring and no summer, just one long constant greyness of desperately seeking a God who seems to have forgotten them. What do you say to such people? Words like ‘press into God’ often seem trite and insensitive when placed against the horrendous suffering they have to go through.

    • amokarts says:

      Hi Bruno,
      Thanks for responding and I have to tell you I’ve spent most of my life as one of those people and can still go there far too easily. What do I say to those people? It varies because often words are pointless and I need to be “Jesus with skin on” and show them His love by loving them and pressing in to God for them until they can press in for themselves. Pressing in remains the answer along with looking outward. I know what lifted me from the pit was the last thing most people (including me) want to try. I began to serve others, I began to work with people and help them with their problems, this drew my focus from my troubles and changed my life. I hope this message does not seem too trite, or make it appear that I take too light a view of something (depression) that has really caused me (and many people I love) a lot of pain. That being said there are a lot of us in ministry who need this reminder. Too many of us fall into despair because we can’t make things happen, when what we really should be doing is pressing into God to do what we cannot.
      God bless,

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