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Posted: March 22, 2010 in Church Art Ministry Video
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Spiritual disciplines are the key to succeeding in your arts ministry.

Prayer walking for me started out of necessity as much as anything else. You see almost six years ago I had a heart attack. I was trying to do ministry in my own strength, trying to go on three hours of sleep a night and work most of the rest of the time and staying awake on caffeine and chocolate. What I found was you can’t do that for very long before something breaks. My heart attack was mild but it was a wake up call. If I am going to last for the long haul I need to care for my body, exercise, eat right and get some rest. That’s how I found walking. I live in the country and I really enjoy the quiet and the sounds of nature and as I began to combine these walks with prayer God really began to show me things. Most of the best art and message ideas I have ever had have come while walking these roads and spending time with my Father.

Living where I do, I see very few people on my walks so I actually speak to God out loud as if I was talking to a friend and of course, I am. No one hears me, except God, so I don’t look too crazy. I usually begin by thanking him. Every time I see the beauty of my surroundings I am in awe of the true Master Artist who not only made it all so beautiful, but He also made it work. It is both inspiring and humbling. I praise Him and I thank Him. I intercede for my family, my friends and neighbors as I pass their homes and then I pray for all those folks who are on my heart. I pray my church and for the church and I pray for the lost especially in my community that they might come to Jesus and I pray for you who see these videos and who God as is calling to use your gifts to serve the Lord. You are the movement and the tribe God has called me to serve.

And then I try to get quiet and ask Him to speak that’s usually when the ideas start to flow. Don’t forget prayer is a conversation and the best stuff comes when we stop talking and listen and receive what the Father speaks in His still small voice. Don’t overlook prayer, don’t get so busy doing what you do that you skip this step, because it is the step that will give your ministry power. You don’t have to prayer walk to pray but you do have to pray. If you try to do ministry in your own strength, no matter how gifted or talented you may be, it will take its toll and your work will not be anointed. It’s God that brings the power. The first step is always to pray.

  1. Tony Snipes says:

    Dave, this was great! I love the fact that you “took us along” on the Prayer Walk rather than just telling us about it.

    I was actually telling someone TODAY that my caffeine days and 4hr. nights of sleep will have to end. This was a confirmation.

    Thanks, Brother

    • amokarts says:

      Hey Tony,
      My wife would be quick to remind me that about a month before the heart attack she warned me that I needed to make a change and I didn’t listen. I would be fine, I was serving the Lord. Well the truth was I was serving in my own strength and that had to be broken so God allowed me to go through something bad to remind me that I need Him. You have a wife and daughters who need you more than your ministry does, take care of yourself brother. You can only do ministry as long as your body holds up.
      God bless,

  2. Fantastic way to start this new video-blog! Thank you for sharing and your continual encouragement. I know God the Father is working thru you to minister to so many and myself included. This video-blog was so timely for me, I’ve been a bit discouraged not having found ways to get to the easel and drawing table as often as I would like. I do pray but not nearly enough and I do miss my outdoor prayer walks(weather not been very good for outdoor walks)so I am hoping and praying I’ll be able to get back to it soon. God bless you and I pray God the Father thru Jesus continues to bless you more and more with all He has so you can continue to glorify Him as you serve Him and others. Joy in Jesus from Okinawa!

    • amokarts says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes the weather is a factor a lot of the time, but to be honest this has become so important to me that I almost never miss. I’ve had big chunks of ice in my mustache from my breath condensation freezing there, I’ve had over 20 pounds of clothes on me til the end of a walk because it rained that hard on me while I was out. The only days I miss are days when the roads are icy and the first few days of deer hunting season because I am slightly concerned about being shot. In truth you don’t have to walk, my devotion to this practice probably borders on crazy, but draw close to the Lord each day in whatever way he leads and you will be fine and blessed. By the way I put another posting up today. If you find this to be a valuable tool., please share it.

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